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Big Melee 2017

On 1st October we welcomed 25 players to our annual Melee. This was a singles competition, where you are randomly paired with a partner to play 5 games during the day. 3 games then lunch break and two after.

The days winners were;

In 1st place, was Rob LinforthRob Linforth Big Melee 2017

In 2nd place,Matt Harrison Matt Harrison 2nd Big Melee 2017

In 3rd place; Derek MulfordDerek Mulford 3rd Big Melee 2017

Last place, Mary-Ann AndrewsMary-Ann Andrews Still a winner Big Melee 2017

The final scores; Scoreboard Big Melee 2017

Some of the days photos;

Big Melee 2017 aBig Melee 2017 bBig Melee 2017 cBig Melee 2017 dPeter Big Melee 2017Big Melee 2017 eBig Melee 2017 f

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