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Club Melee 2017

On Sunday 10th September, we held our Club Melee.

This competition is played over three games with a different randomly picked partner in each game.

Twelve members of the club turned up:-Club Melee entrants 2017

L to R; Vic, Brian (medium), Graham, Daniel, Rik, Keith, Brian (big), Tony G.

Seated; Christine, Charlotte, Ghislaine

Chas just out of shot

In last place, and receiving a wooden spoon from big Brian was Tony G.

Tony last place

Without Tony’s gallant sacrifice, someone else may have come last. For this we thank him.

In 3rd place was Keith, with +16 points.

At the end of three games, two players were on the same score, so it was down to one boule nearest the coche to win the afternoons competition.

In 2nd place was big Brian with +19 points

And the winner was Vic with + 19 points and nearest the coche.

Vic Winner#1

Before presenting the trophy, Brian wondered why he should give this cup away.

Vic Winner#2

Scorecard without the embarrassing bits;Club Melee 2017 final placing


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