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Fun Day & BBQ 2017

Bank Holiday Monday saw the warmest day of the year so far. Bright sunshine with temperatures in the sun of 34 degrees plus all day.

54 players turned up, and we had to make up two pistes behind the cricket clubhouse to accommodate everyone.

At lunchtime we had a BBQ, and while this was going on a couple of side competitions took place.

The first one was a ‘Shooting Competition’ in which entrants had to try and shoot a boule at 6 metres for 1 point, 8 metres for 2 ponts or 10 metres for 3 points. This may sound easy, but many walked away have scored zero points. Four people managed to score 6 points from 3 tries, so had a shoot out to decide the winner.BBQ2017 =Shooting contest winner IainCarol presents £25.50 to Iain, the winner of the shooting contest.

We then had a bucket with some boule in it. all the boule could not be seen, and people had to guess the weight of the bucket.Elaine-Guess the weight Winner

Elaine was the winner, with an almost spot on guess of 8.9Kg. Carol presented Elaine with £5.25 prize money.

The days competition was eventually won by Steve & Wayne.

BBQ2017 Winners Steve & Wayne

Carol presents Steve Harrington & Wayne Marshall with the Friends Shield, a cup to keep and  bottles of wine .

Second Place;

BBQ2017 Second Place - Simon & Sabrina

Carol with Simon & Sabrina who came second. (Carol is keeping hold of the cup as she has never won one herself. If you spot the same photo somewhere, but with Simon & Sabrina photo-shopped out, you know where it came from.


BBQ2017 - 3rd Place Mark & Nigel

Third place was Mark & Nigel hoping to get cup from our Chairperson.


BBQ2017- Last Doreen & Gilbert

Wooden Spoons were presented to Doreen & Gilbert, for supporting every other team and becoming the runner up of runner ups.

Notice Carol is not holding on to spoons, she has already won some of these.

Now a collection of photographs;

BBQ2017mBBQ2017bPeter organising  the lunchtime Shooting Contest

BBQ2017cRest time for the Oldies

BBQ2017dPeter watching a Belgian miss


Looking for an excuse as to why she missed.


Always someone that gets in the way of a good photo.


Finally the scores.

Scoresheet COMPLETED

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